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ThermaSculpt™ for Weight Loss

Radio Frequency Treatment for Weight Loss and Cellulite

Due to the unique nature of the skin’s reaction to the radio frequency, this form of therapy can also be used to target cellulite as a radio frequency cellulite treatment.

Most people will refer to cellulite as unwanted clusters of fat that normally appear near the buttocks, arms and thighs. Women will usually go through liposuction to get rid of it.

With radiofrequencies, specialists can target the fat in these areas without having the patient undergo surgery. The sixpolar head specifically targets the fat in the body and cause the fat cells to burn up, leaving other tissues and organs alone.

In addition to that, the sixpolar head will also cause the skin to tighten while losing fat, completely avoiding the risk of sagging skin and wrinkles around the area of fat reduction.

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ThermaSculpt™ for Weight Loss and Cellulite Pricing

Price per Treatment

  • Thighs (Outer) – 30 Mins: $150
  • Thighs (Inner & Outer) – 1 Hour: $200
  • Buttocks – 90 Mins: $250
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