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Radio Frequency Non-Surgical Facelift

The one you have been waiting for with proven and visible results INSTANTLY.

Designed exclusively by Collagen Clinique combined with the help of Gloria Weatherley from the Academy of Advanced Skin and Laser Training who has been specialising in radio frequency non surgical face lift and skin tightening procedures for over 20 years.  This partnership has made it possible for us to offer you the newest and latest world class state-of-the-art technology for a very affordable price. “ThermaSculpt™” is FDA and Medical CE approved and is the result of years of research and is scientifically proven time and time again.

Those of you who desire tighter, firmer and more youthful skin but can’t afford or don’t want to have a major face-lift operation are the perfect candidate for a “ThermSculpt” the ultimate non surgical mini face lift.

Radio frequency is the ultimate non-invasive procedure for skin tightening, lifting and firming and eliminating fine lines and reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles.  Radio frequency lifts the eyebrows, opens the eyes,  lifts the upper cheeks, diminishes enlarged pores, diminishes sagging jowls, redefines the jawline and tightens the neck, enhances facial contours and is the ultimate treatment for skin rejuvenation and improved skin texture giving you the fresh, glowing look, immediately after your very first procedure.

In addition to stimulating new collagen, radiofrequency treatment also causes contraction of the skin, thus tightening it. Although you’ll notice the treatment’s tightening effects immediately, the more significant improvements will occur gradually over a period of several weeks or months as the new collagen forms. After just one treatment collagen continues to contract and tighten the skin for several days. Immediately after one treatment, your skin will look and feel tighter and skin texture will improve dramatically.

How many treatments are recommended and how soon will I notice results?

The benefits can be seen immediately, with results varying depending upon your age and skin condition. To gain maximum benefits we usually recommend that this procedure be repeated once a week for 8 consecutive weeks.   We also recommend a maintenance treatment approximately every 6 to 12 months after your initial treatment course to maintain the results.

What Else Can Radio Frequency be used for?

In combination with other modalities, as we have discussed above,  the “ThermaSculpt” can be used to enhance a variety of treatments including body sculpting and skin tightening, pore size reduction and skin rejuvenation, pigmentation and vascular problems, acne and cellulite treatments.

ThermaSculpt treatments are combined with a complimentary Red Light Therapy session (valued at $59) for results that will leave you with the ultimate facial experience and results that you will have ever experienced before for such an affordable price.

For further information and details of the treatment, book your obligation FREE Consultation now. Phone 5495 4797. 

The following are pictures of our clients who have used and trialed our “ThermaSculpt™” machine and have experienced Amazing Age-Reversal Results in a very short period of time.


Non-Surgical Facelift

Single Treatment

$199Per Treatment
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Prepay Package

$1900Prepay Package
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