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Get your glow back


What’s microdermabrasion good for?

Microdermabrasion is on of the easiest, safest and most effective anti aging treatments you can get. It has many benefits,  like softening fine lines and wrinkles, helps to smooth coarse textured skin, decreases the appearance of shallow scars, decreases pore size and reduces superficial hyper-pigmentation also known as age spots. Because microdermabrasion removes all the dead skin cells on the face it makes it easier for serums and skin care products to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, which gives skin its plump, glowing and more youthful appearance.

Diamond Microdermabrasion – It’s much more than just a facial yet still a lunchtime procedure!

Our diamond tipped microdermabrasion wand reigns supreme to crystal microdermabrasion’s and hydro jet technology as we are able to get alot closer to the eye and mouth area than the other methods.  As well as diamond microdermabrasion allows us to treat severe acne without getting crystals imbedded into open pores.

The diamond tipped wand is used to gently sand paper away the top layer of skin.  The microdermabrasion’s machine vacuum system then sucks up the dead skin cells giving a very deep exfoliation, being a fantastic treatment for clients wanting a quick booster treatment with serious punch showing instant significant results in your skin and leaving you with an instant glow.

For best results, a full series of between five and eight treatments is recommended around seven to ten days apart to maintain that glowing skin .

Microdermabrasion Pricing

Our Microdermabrasion Treatment includes an antioxidant rich Fruit Enzyme Peel which is designed to remove dead skin whilst delivering nutrients to the healthy skin underneath. Following your treatment you will also receive a complimentary Full Body Red Light Therapy Treatment (CollagenMAX) valued at $59.


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