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I have had the auto immune disease Polymyalgia Rheumatica for almost four years, with long term Prednisone used to control the effects of the disease. However I still had ongoing pain and a marked deterioration in my skin’s appearance. Over the last two years I have lost almost 40 kilos which has added to the poor appearance of my skin.

I have been attending the Collagen Clinique at Morayfield for nine months and cannot believe the improvement in my Polymyalgia Rheumatica , with a 75% reduction in the dosage of Prednisone required to control this disease.  My overall feeling of well being has increased, as has the appearance of my skin.

At all times I have felt welcome, and I have found Kelly interested in understanding what my condition and needs were.  Kelly has worked tirelessly to improve my health with the use of red light therapy and the full spectrum sauna.

I cannot recommend Collagen Clinique highly enough.

I would like to take a few moments to let you know how much my quality of health and wellbeing has improved after using  Redlight Therapy  and the Collagen Bed.  Initially after using the bed for a period of three months,  I can only say with absolute confidence,  many things for me improved.  The most noticeable was a huge increase to my energy levels, after years of experiencing chronic fatigue.

Along with the exhaustion, I was suffering from depression which I had constantly struggled with for many years.  With time, my symptoms started to subside on all fronts.

Some of the other things I noticed were improved sleep, less anxiety, and an ability to cope with my stress much easier.  Along with an obvious improvement with my internal health, my skin,  hair & nails improved ,  also I noticed  an amazing difference to the dreaded stretch marks.

I am very pleased to recommend Redlight therapy  to anyone who wants to generally feel and look better!

There is definitely a lot to be gained, I am happy to be enjoying life and having the energy to do so. With so much gained I continue to use the collagen bed in a maintenance capacity.

The RX-6 is truly remarkable. My 14 year old daughter was suffering from severe pain in her tail bone area, and Kelly suggested the RX-6. It certainly helped with the inflammation and the severity of the pain.

As for myself, I too was fortunate to benefit from the RX-6. I have been suffering from migraines for several years, not only did my headaches stop, I also slept better and my skin certainly looked like it was rejuvenated.

Kelly is so lovely and explained how it worked but also made you feel very comfortable.

The RX-6 has truly made a big difference in our lives and I would recommend it to anyone.

3 years ago I started my journey through menopause with all the symptoms times x 2.

18 months ago I found the Redlight Therapy Collagen Bed at Collagen Clinique at Morayfield.

I am amazed with the results; from that first time on that bed I felt a change in myself, I could think, my mind was clearer, I am happier and I look and feel amazing.

 The personal and caring attention I receive from Kelly is first class and I am always made to feel special.

I could not be happier with the results and I would gladly recommend the RLT and the Collagen Bed to anyone.

I have been coming to Collagen Clinique since 2013. I have been using the Red-light Therapy beds for pain after I got my hip replacement. I have been using the Red-light combined with Ultra Lipo and IPL Photo Rejuvenation on my face and décolletage.  In my photos you can see the skin rejuvenation results I have experienced in a very short period of time which are so amazing and didn’t involve any surgery at all. I highly recommend any person wanting age defying results and to have beautiful smooth soft looking skin to go to Collagen Clinique as you will definitely not be disappointed.

I also have had 6 treatments losing a total of 41cm in 4 weeks using the UltraFat Cavitation and the Full Spectrum Sauna. Anyone wanting to lose weight the easy way must try the Full Spectrum Sauna combined with the Ultrasonic fat cavitation for results you won’t believe until you see it and experience it for yourself. 

Having suffered from acne a number of years, I have always been fairly self-conscious of the overall appearance of my skin.

I am pleased to say however, that thanks to the amazing benefits of Collagen Clinique, that is now no longer the case!

After just a few quick treatments with the miraculous stand up collagen bed, I was immediately able to notice a difference; at first the redness disappeared and shortly thereafter, the pimples followed, leaving my skin not only smoother and softer than ever before, but for the first time in my life it was actually glowing!

If you are on the fence about visiting Collagen Clinique, take my word for it – the results definitely speak for themselves!

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