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Full Body Rejuvenation
Full Spectrum Sauna
Red Light Therapy

INCREASED ATP Production (The currency of all living cells)

  • Stimulates Collagen production and tissue repair
  • Recharges your cells, enhancing your energy levels
  • Weight Loss – Lowers cholesterol
  • Increased metabolism, detoxify’s the body
  • Brain cells thrive, improving memory and focus
  • Increased endurance and performance
  • Increased blood flow and oxygen firming the muscles from below
  • Linked to cancer prevention

Burn fat, contour your body, and reduce cellulite

Losing weight is nothing less than a battle if you don’t know about the right ways to go about the
weight loss process. Red light therapy for weight loss is an effective and gentle way to get rid
of that stubborn fat. Red light therapy can not only help you to lose weight, but it can also help
you to rejuvenate your skin too. Light therapy for skin is very popular among people wanting
to have firmer and tonner skin. The primary purpose of light therapy is to produce new collagen,
resulting in radiant, tighter, tonner, and plumper skin.

Red Light Laser Therapy For Weight Loss Is Safe And Secure

Researchers have found that red light laser therapy aims at adipocytes, and help in washing away
all the fat cells and lipids. Please note that this therapy works differently on different people.
Collagen Clinique’s Red light therapy products are registered as class II medical devices by the
FDA. The mechanism of this treatment is straightforward. It enhances your metabolism rate and
stimulates mitochondria. Red light therapy develops healthier cells and reduces less stress, as

Why Should You Go For Light Therapy For Skin?

  • Non-surgical and painless therapy

The best part about light therapy for skin is that it is noninvasive. Meaning, there is no room for
pain and surgical procedures. The heat-sink technology is safe to apply and will draw away heat
from the skin, allowing you to feel relaxed and comfortable.

  • Results from the first session

The more your weight is, the better the result will be. You should be able to see a reduction of at
least two to five inches in a few sessions. In some cases, some clients see more than five inches
reduction measured across five different areas.