Rosacea, Broken Capillaries & Spider Vein Removal

RF Lamp Probe

$149 – 15 Minute Treatment

“Safe, effective and minimally invasive”

Watch them instantly disappear


Unless you suffer from rosacea, you will never understand how frustrating it can be to have red skin!

Collagen Clinique offers Rosacea sufferers the Ultimate Treatment Package.

For only $1390 (saving $680) you will receive(optional) before and after photos before every treatment, a course of 6 RF Lamp Probe Treatments and 3 “LUMINOUS” Photo Rejuvenation treatments, plus your choice of  6 Treatments in the CollagenMAX Booth or LED Light Therapy Lamp, as well as 6 full facials including a Fruit Enzyme Peel or Microdermabrasion everytime valued at over $2070.

This treatment program combines our most proven and successful treatment for improving spider veins and red flushing skin on the face. These tailored treatments are designed to reduce and manage rosacea within a short six week period.

 The RF Lamp Probe uses high radio frequency technology to treat minor skin abnormalities, without having to penetrate the skin’s surface.

The discomfort level experienced by the client is tolerable, with the sensation experienced likened to a quick pinch to the skin. No anesthesia is required.

RF Lamp Probe provides safe, effective and often permanent treatment for:

Sun Spots

Age Spots

Red and Blue Spider veins

Broken Capillaries


Cherry Angioma

White head (milia)

Ingrown hairs

Skin Tags

Cholesterol Deposits

RF Lamp Probe vein removal has virtually no down time and you can resume normal activity immediately following treatment for broken blood vessels on the face and nose such as broken capillaries, spider veins or rosacea.
Broken capillaries and spider veins are small fine broken blood vessels most commonly found on the face, around the nose and the central cheek area and can easily be removed with the RF Lamp Probe. These broken blood vessels usually appear as a result of sun exposure and are present on areas of skin, most commonly the face, with the greatest amount of cumulative sun damage. The main cause of broken capillaries and spider veins are inflammatory skin diseases such as rosacea.
RF Lamp Probe vein removal is effective for treating broken blood vessels on the nose and the face such as spider veins and broken capillaries and is surprisingly quick, comfortable and effective. The RF Lamp Probe vein removal treatments are so precise and controlled, the unwanted broken capillaries and spider veins are gently eliminated leaving your skin with no evidence that you ever had any visible veins or capillaries or even came to visit our office. During the vein removal the radio frequency energy targets the hemoglobin in red blood cells, vaporizing the blood and instantly collapsing and destroying the unwanted vein. Over the course of a few weeks, your body simply dissolves any remaining fragments of the destroyed veins, resulting in beautiful and healthy vein free skin.