Full Body Rejuvenation Unit



It is TEN TIMES more powerful and effective than any traditional IPL,  LED Unit or Cosmetic Phototherapy System available and is the most powerful system in the world today for deeper red, infra-red and far infra-red dermal penetration ensuring outstanding results for a multitude of cosmetic skin condition treatments.  

It uses a revolutionary SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN spectrum of different wavelengths which is formulated to deliver outstanding results compared to any other system available.  The rays are both powerful and ULTRASAFE.  With over 3500 Watts of  rejuvenating light delivered in one 20 minute treatment  you can rest assured you will see outstanding age defying results…….


20 minute treatment   –   $69

40 minute treatment   –   $89

Prepay Package 1     –      10 x 20 Min Treatments    Only $599

Prepay Package 2     –     10 x 40 Min Treatments     Only $799


“Welcome to the wonderful world of non-invasive, affordable, skin rejuvenation,cellular renewal and pain management”

So if you are looking for a safer, natural and more cost effective way of getting rid of your fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots and crows feet than having to use botox, fillers or plastic surgery then Collagen Clinique is proud to offer you  Cosmetic Skin & Body Rejuvenation with so many more benefits than you could ever imagine possible.


RX-6 Table

 Just a few of the benefits are:

  • Reduce fine lines, age spots and diminish freckles overtime.
  • Relaxing 20 minute treatments build-up lost collagen and reduce cellulite.
  • Anti-aging effects for vibrant, younger-looking skin.
  • Smooth faces, hips, thighs, buttocks and upper body.
  • Full Body Detox.
  • Increased metabolism intensifies lymphatic drainage, reducing fat cell size while producing collagen — replenishing loss due to aging, while delivering gradually smoother skin and visibly reduced cellulite.
  • Increased ATP Production – The energy currency of all living cells.
  • Reducing pain, inflammation, promoting healing of wounds, and preventing tissue damage
  • Relief for arthritis sufferers, back pain, broken bones.
  • Increased cell renewal upto 200% faster.
  • Increased energy and mind clarity.

The entire treatment is very safe and painless while providing excellent long term results.

Full body scanner with the latest in Plasma Arc lamp technology delivers no UV emissions and the safety of the output is certified by spectral radiometer testing. It delivers poly-chromatic light rays from 590nm all the way to 1250nm wavelengths for deeper infrared and far-infrared dermal penetration.