Cosmetic Enhancements – AntiWrinkle Injections & Fillers

  Leiha Heap of Brisbane’s Largest & Award Winning Cosmetic Image Clinic will be available for obligation free consultations and treatments within the convenience of our salon Collagen Clinique located at Morayfield on a weekly basis.

SO if  EXPERIENCE, CREDIBILITY and a NATURAL LOOK  is exactly what you are after, then you can safely place your appearance in our hands….

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Frequently attending cosmetic conferences , she is consistently keeping up to date with the latest techniques and breakthrough treatments. 
Leiha specialises in natural looking image enhancements,  taking years off your appearance, helping to enhance your natural beauty whilst ensuring that you look and feel radiant on the outside as well as the inside.
Leiha is happy to discuss all aspects of facial rejuvenation, including liquid facelifts, the correction of facial lipoatrophy and the non-surgical options available as an alternative to surgery.

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